Chocolate Review: Cadbury’s Top Deck Dairy Milk.

JpegI had to travel all the way into Wales to buy this South African chocolate! The Cadbury’s Top Deck bar is 80gs of a delightful mix of Cadbury’s dairy milk chocolate with irresistible white chocolate. A heavenly mix!

Why South Africa you may be wandering? Well it appears this particular bar is produced by Mondelez in South Africa. Although when I was a child these bars were readily available in the UK-my local post office would sell it and I loved it back then. I don’t know what happened but all of sudden it was no where to be seen and it wasn’t until as an adult now I encountered it in the Delicatessen “Wally’s” in Cardiff.

It appears very hard to get but sooo worth it! I have not bought online via amazon though I may need to when I next get a craving for it.

Noticeably this particualr Cadbury’s bar lacks that melt in the mouth quality to UK produced chocolate. There is none of that horrid waxy and artifical texture and flavour of American chcolate like Hershey’s-yuck! Instead it is slower to melt yet creamy and less of that distinct Cadbury’s milk choclate flavour, it does not lean toward being too white chocolatey nor milk chocolate based instead a scrumptious sweetness  that you must indulge your tastebuds in. It is £2.25 per 80g at Wally’s Delicatessen in Cardiff.

I absolutely love Top Deck and always want more so 10/10!

2 thoughts on “Chocolate Review: Cadbury’s Top Deck Dairy Milk.

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