A Cadbury’s Top Decker alternative?

JpegQueuing in WhSmith I spotted this on their over-stuffed, bombarding queue barriers. Cadbury’s milk chocolate with white chocolate. Could this be it? Could taste just like that heavenly Top Decker bar that was so hard to get?

The Top Decker review found here.

When I got home I eagerly opened it. It was a thin 100g bar. I bit into it. Sweet. Tasty. Where was it? Where was that white chocolately goodness mixing with Cadbury’s original choc?

Nothing. Just more sweetness.Tthere was no distinct white chocolate flavour and none of the indescribable Top Decker chocolate mix taste. It was just a much sweeter Cadbury’s milk chocolate bar with thinner pieces. 😦

I was gutted. Not worth £1.


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