Women’s Health: Ovarian Cysts.

Hey guys,

I wanted to discuss a particular concern of women’s health and something I too am undergoing. It is early days and I am yet to understand the ramifications of the bleeding cyst I have in an ovary. But I thought I would share this experience and how I came to learn of this cyst.

Disclaimer: This blog post is written by me and is solely about my personal experience with an ovarian cyst. I am not a trained medical professional and the content below is purely my own experience that I share with the aim to highlight a health issue. This article is intended to motivate and engage readers to become aware of their health and does not aim to be a medical reference nor present a cure to any health issues mentioned. All enquiries of health issue must be consulted with a trained and relevant medical professional.

It started with a constant bloating of my stomach whereby it never expands and contracts it was just always protruding out for two years regardless of diet, exercise etc and irritable bowl symptoms and painful bowel movements etc. It turns out these are one of many unsuspecting symptoms of an ovarian cyst. As this had lingered for so long I visited my doctor, subsequently had blood tests to check organs, diabetes and food intolerances i.e. gluten or dairy. Fortunately these came up as clear no issues with my blood. After that I had stool tests which is a test of your poo to see if there is an infection. Again that came clear and no issues with my stool despite the i.b.s. i.e. varying consistency of the stool.

Then came the ultrasound test. This is when a device is rubbed over your whole abdomen to check your organs i.e. kidneys, bladder, gall bladder etc. That came back fine no issues with my organs. At the hospital whilst getting the ultrasound the practitioner asked if it would be ok to proceed with a transvaginal scan. This is where a smaller ultrasound device is inserted into your vagina to get a scan of the womb. Fortunately I agreed and that was how the bleeding ovarian cyst was discovered. Initially I had presumed I had a digestive issue that was causing this constant stomach swelling. So it may be a cause for consideration for ladies out there to at least be open to scans if they are offered because such examinations are the only way to discover any internal bodily issues.

Tips & Advice for Pelvic Ultrasounds and Transvaginal scans.

Obviously a letter will be sent to you from the hospital regarding the prerequisites for the Pelvic ultrasound. In the letter sent to me I was advised to drink 2 pints of (only) water in the hour prior to the scan. My scan was due 4:10pm and I drank 1 pint bang on 3pm which was too early by 4pm I was b-u-r-s-t-i-n-g for the toilet and fortunately the hospital staff saw me 10 mins earlier bang on 4pm because I could not hold out another 10mins. 45mins-30 mins is probably the optimum time to drink gradually the 2 pints of water. I’d suggest 45mins prior to appointment drink 1 pint then 15-20mins drink another pint because it is a lot of liquid for your stomach to take in. Obviously hospital appointments may be delayed so keep that in mind because you must not urinate 1 hour before the appointment.

Good Luck to any going though similar issues or appointments-I hope this helps you in some ways. I have also shared more details on my Youtube Channel: Catherine Vaughan

I am due to see my doctor soon and have another hospital appointment in 12 weeks so I shall keep you guys posted!

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