S-T-O-P worshipping THIN PEOPLE / Ectopmorphs!!!

Why oh why is Western society so obsessed with thin people or rather skinny women? There is a slight culture of thinness amongst young adult men, but generally men’s fitness goals usually are centred around being muscular and lean and well-proportioned. Whereas women’s body goals appear to be centred around skinniness and big boobs. A woman with a healthy body shows signs of strong reproductive health thereby has a reasonably full chest, slim waist and full hips and bottom not overtly curvy but has curves and that includes fat generally all over her body including her thighs. That is normal and natural. But for some reasons women are obsessed with reducing body fat whilst desiring a full bust to attract men and sometimes physiologically that cannot happen as a reduction in overall body fat can lead to less bodily curves.

3 Body types - ectomorph, mesomorph and endomorph

We need to move on past these ridiculous dreams of thinness and thigh gaps and embrace being healthy women and accepting that as women we will naturally store fat. This is not about abandoning fitness or embracing only fuller figures it is about accepting nature and to stop striving to ‘correct’ our bodies.

It is time to embrace female mesomorphs. Women that have the broad shoulders and broad hips who even at they’re smallest weight never look skinny! Don’t get mesomorphs confused with those full-figured endomorphs like Kim Kardashian, Oprah and Meghan Trainor. Mesomorphs are celebrities like Britney Spears, Madonna and Jessica Biel. Notably these celebrities are paid to be in peak physical shape so although they are very slender it is a healthy muscular structure through fitness and nutrition and is not mere thinness through dieting.

Let’s embrace well-balanced bodies for once. Forget about proportions-we are all different some of us are hourglasses some pear-shaped but we can all have a balanced view of our own bodies and strive to be balanced with our food intake, physical activity and most importantly the amount of fat we have on our bodies. Ladies we are designed to have curves. It is normal to have fat on your thighs. Don’t beat yourself up over it! Just do your best to eat healthily and have those treats in moderation, exert some energy whether it be walks or gym time and learn to accept your body no matter what! If you don’t love your body now you never will even if you reach a ‘goal weight.’


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