Food review: King Street Kitchen, Hereford


This is a lovely café in Hereford. And with a sudden flurry of new eateries opening up in Hereford and having tried and tested a whole lot of food in this town and abroad over the years this is no light remark when I say this place is excellent. Usually the menu consists of a quiche and salad/lentils. There’s an assortment of quiche flavours from veggie to meat filled. The quiche is always good. I promise you that you cannot go wrong with this selection. Trust me when I say the food tastes as great as this photo above.

There’s a variety of cakes including a gluten-free option. Usually a Victoria sponge, coffee and walnut sponge cake and salted caramel brownies. They are delicious. I mean I will literally order both the walnut cake and brownie because I like it that much. Notably I shouldn’t these days as gluttony is something I need to work on :P. There’s a lot to choose from. In the Winter there is soup with granary or white bread. Past favourites being mushroom and chestnut to mushroom and tarragon oil soup. A word on the breads. When it is sliced bread granary is good but when I’ve had the granary baguette it seems more gritty. Some may mind others will not. Also in the Summer they sell ice cream!

There is also a take-away option. (Plastic cutlery and biodegradable plates provided.) I wasn’t joking when I said I have to have at least two cakes when I eat at King Street Kitchen (formerly known as Andy’s.)


It took a very long time until I actually started visiting this coffee shop. During my days at Hereford Sixth Form I’d often intended to try this place but there was literally always a queue from counter to doorway. Now I understand why! Back then in between running up and down Aylestone hill and breaks between classes I never had the patience to queue-haha!

Nowadays there is also savory dishes such as sausages and the lasagna is amazing. I don’t eat pork so I have no idea what the sausages are like.

The only downside to the place is the size. However the upstairs floor is being renovated so more space will come! Sometimes and I suppose it happens in most places but the cake on the exposed part can be a little dry: the uncut side is fresh the other side that’s been cut into is dry.

On drinks I’ve only ever had the mocha and usually order a hot chocolate. Though I can recall a previous Christmas where they did a gingerbread latte type of drink and it was fabulous. They serve breakfasts, sandwiches, and hot dishes. A wonderful treat for all.

King Street Kitchen may well be the reigning King of Hereford eateries. 

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