A Letter To My Future 25 Year Old Self

L e t t e r . . .

Rosie Culture

Happy 25th birthday, future me! You can officially have a quarter life crisis, even though you’ve been saying you’re going through a quarter life crisis since the age of 19.

At 14, you thought no one would ever love you. At 16, you thought you’d never have true friends. At 18, you thought you could never do it alone. At 21, you thought you wouldn’t succeed.

But as the years went by, you proved yourself wrong time and time again. Because someone did love you – even if it didn’t last that long. And you have the best friends you could ever ask for – they’re really almost like angels from heaven to you. And you did it alone when you didn’t have a choice – but you’re never really alone. And you did succeed and you’re still succeeding.

And at 22, a lot of these doubts popped up…

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