#HEALTH: annie’s beauty… Tricks & Tips on How To Stay Fit and Motivated

N o t e | t o | s e l f . . . .

Mami și Zâna

HEALTH annie's beauty... Tricks & Tips for Staying Fit and MotivatedSummer is just around the corner ( hopefully!? ) and around this time of the year is when I find my motivation to get fit, again… Not because I need a beach/bikini body for the next hot months, but simply because at the beginning of every spring I get lazy and forget how much I love to exercise…. And of course, the mesmerizing power of the chocolate from the triple choc chip cookies wins over all the will in the world!

So I find it appropriate to share with you today what I do to get back my healthy lifestyle I was telling you about in this posthere.

  1. Keep a journal of your Fitness journey, where to write all the details that will help you keep under control everything you do: weight, meals – which you can also plan in advance, certain fitness programs if you’re into…

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