When to throw and when to go ( and up cycle )


I’ve spent weeks turning out rooms , cupboards, drawers etc chucking out all the stuff once useable , dried up sticky tape , odd bits .

There is a strong case for up cycling though or “repurposing” items , instead of buying new. The idea above uses soda(pop) bottles as storage.

Reusing crates

Repurposing that old wagon wheel that you have , naturally

Painted with chalk paint , filled with flowers 😊

Using old books and some wooden shapes to create a table – I like this !

I think you have to go on Pinterest for a daily fix to get into the ideas zone for these projects. Most of my clutter was insane stuff that needed binning but these ideas and others can save a truckload of money , you don’t bring another item into your home then, as you’re reusing something already there .

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