7 Common Misconceptions About Minimalism

I started to take steps towards Minimalism since 2011, I’m still trying…
Note to self.


“Minimalism is a tool to live a meaningful life.” ~ TheMinimalists

The quotation above is the best to-the-point description of minimalism I agree with. Nothing more, nothing less. Just being obsessed with a purpose driven life.

  1. It’s not a Religion. Many tend to ask if this choice of life is out of religious beliefs. But minimalism is completely based on personal preferences. One does not need a guru or guide book to find happiness and meaning in life.
  2. It’s not Sacrificing. Well if you look at it another way it is a sacrifice. A sacrifice of a complicated life, a sacrifice of an out of control life, a sacrifice of reasons to be depressed, and a sacrifice to be happy without sacrificing your time, energy and life.
  3. It’s not Numbers. Some people think minimalism is about owning a certain number of items (like 100 or less).  I do agree that many minimalists…

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