Workshop Overview: Digital Guide to Internationalize.

The workshops full outline found here: Digital Guide Outline.

There were a total of 5 workshops though I only atteneded 2 by happenstance so I can only comment on the final two courses I attended.

The workshop is in some ways as overwhelming as the title “Digital Guide to Internationalize” sounds. The two workshops I participated in pertained to the Advertise hosted by Teresa Gualtieri and Analyse segments run by Sarah Lumley-Holmes. Essentially it’s a step by step guide to using Google Analytics.

Google Analytics tracks and reports website traffic i.e. the viewers of your site, where they come from and what search terms they keyed in to land on your website.

I had a gist of what this Google service was about but had to listen intently at the workshops. These workshops are so important for businesses of any size that require sales abroad. In some respects “internationalize” online may sound far fetched but it’s not just a concept for big businesses, smaller businesses such as Etsy shop owners would find such a course useful. Businesses require customers and where we are currently geo-tagged does not have to be our only customer base we can reach so many more people and this series of workshops show you how.

Image (c) 2016

Suffice to say the terms and concepts discussed in this series from SEO, mobile advertising and geo-targeting are growing business terms that will become equally as impactful  as ROI, overheads and P&L. In a growing online business world the need for warehouses, rent and staff can lessen significantly.

Business is changing and it’s becoming curiously invisible yet omnipresent as it anchors into cyberspace and reaches virtually nearly every country in the world. – Catherine Vaughan

We so often take “Social Media Marketing” for granted as we use it daily for our own personal needs. Yet if studied it can be harnessed potently for businesses of any size and we must endeavour to learn more about it as there are potentially maybe millions of customers up for grabs online.

If the cycle of classes were to run again I’d happily do the whole series over.

As always attendees receive the slideshows to take home. It’s quite a challenging course to grasp because we’re fundamentally attempting to assess people’s digital behaviour, people who potentially live in various countries and from differing cultures. It’s a lot to try to analyze but it’s a valuable lesson to learn as this is the next frontier in business.

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