Why I love Solo Travel

Sitting Pretty In The Queen City

I think solo travel is probably the best gift you could ever give to yourself. And it still surprises me when I receive mixed reactions when someone asks me, “Who are you going with?” “Oh, just me”. I’ve heard it all but I think as you get older, the more self assurance you have, the less you have to explain yourself. It’s just what I enjoy doing. 🙂 Simple as that. It’s not for everybody and that’s fine.

Realistically, all my favorite travel buddies may not have the budget or the time to go away. Of course, I love sharing experiences with others and it would be wonderful to have a friend come along. I also don’t think you should not go on trips when given the opportunity just because other people aren’t available to join. Life is too short to miss out on these precious experiences. As much as I…

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