Poem: L.A.

Santa Monica Pier bright lights night

On the school bus
Age 16
Always knowing I’d get there
In Your Atmosphere played
back then the LA song

Looking back it all makes sense
The City of Angels
The place where dreams are made
I always had it in me
– was never guided

There I experienced the happiest days of my Life.
There I made my dreams come true.
There I grieved the life I had lived
There I returned renewed not as skewed as before.

I wished for this at 16
I wished for you at 15.
And it all came true.
Though I was a fool to believe in you.
But my dreams are more tangible than
Your Heart. My only dedication in life:
My Art.


Twitter: @CattVaughan
Facebook: /CatherineVaughanWriter

Other poems by Catherine can be found in her poetry book “The Quarter Life Crisis Poet”
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