Poem: The Best Friend I Never Had

best friends_fl

The Best Friend I Never Had

Thank you for the headband
customized like
Blair Waldorf
Waldorf Astoria?
This weekend, my friend.
A slumber party like the old days.

In ways
it should have been – could have been.
I missed out so much
my only clutch
you stole
my crutch
you stole
It was just bad luck

So now I write to make it alright
I write what could have been
if you’d only let me in.
My stories, my dreams
create a new team
of worthy opponents

#SelfHelp 🙈 #WorkplaceBullying 🙊

Wolves in sheep’s clothing are the bane of my existence. All I can do is expose them… They are sadly everywhere particularly in the workplace. Beware and be vigilant guys….

This video series is excellent. Subscribe to their Youtube channel: Workplace Bullying Institute-WBI

Please share this blog post, watch the videos and tell friends or family that may be subject to this sly and destructive treatment. Let’s tackle bullying and put a stop to the actions of wolves in sheep clothing.

Hey guys so I’m adding a NEW category to this blog…

There will now be occasional blogs under self-help. It’ll just be tips and coping mechanisms for certain types of issues, negative patterns and relationship dynamics that are harmful to our well-being. Please note that when I say relationship I don’t mean romantic attachments though that is included. Relationships covered will be from friends or rather frenemies, work colleagues, bosses, family ties etc.

If I ever encounter useful info I’ll share with you guys once in a while. We all need help sometimes particularly in identifying what the problem is, oftentimes we find ourselves in circumstances that just don’t feel right, it can be hard to define, we simply lack the lexicon of the subject of psychology/emotions/problems to correctly identify, address then attempt to solve a problem we have with others in our life.

I hope this helps and contributes to a better understanding of life and how to handle these at times complex and sometimes sickening ties and dynamics we fall into or cause in life.