Poem: The Best Friend I Never Had

best friends_fl

The Best Friend I Never Had

Thank you for the headband
customized like
Blair Waldorf
Waldorf Astoria?
This weekend, my friend.
A slumber party like the old days.

In ways
it should have been – could have been.
I missed out so much
my only clutch
you stole
my crutch
you stole
It was just bad luck

So now I write to make it alright
I write what could have been
if you’d only let me in.
My stories, my dreams
create a new team
of worthy opponents

How to Let Go:

Sometimes holding on does more damage than letting go:

I saw this and thought: Wow! Now I get it. Every time we face a toxic situation or think about it then it does damage. Sadly the damage is somewhat invisible (such as emotions, mental anguish, depression) but this diagram encapsulates the toxicity to clinging to the wrongs in life, the regrets, the injustice. No Frozen song necessary!Let Go And Let God