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John Mayer has a laundry detergent by The Laundress!


Laundry is to me…
The other half of being into clothes. If you’re really into cars, you get under the hood. If you’re really into clothes, you care for them yourself. – Mr Mayer

I am NOT making this up.

John Mayer has a laundry detergent. John Mayer has a laundry detergent. John Mayer has a laundry detergent. John Mayer has a laundry detergent. John Mayer has a laundry detergent. John Mayer has a laundry detergent. John Mayer has a laundry detergent.

But in all seriousness maybe he has a point. Truthfully when shopping for new clothes I meticulously opt for fabric over looks. If it has to be dry-cleaned I am simply NOT buying it period: too much maintenance!

Fabric care has gotta be the missing step to you mastering domestic bliss.

Funnily enough it was only last month that I shared -in my opinion an awesome- little infographic on fabric care. If The Mayerness is making fabric care cool I’m all on board, although I was secretly obsessed before this celebrity detergent launch. What can I say, I’m an ironing freak, everything in my wardrobe is clean and ironed otherwise it does not enter the wardrobe…. And I secretly want to be as domesticated as Anthea Turner AND Martha Stewart way too much! Heck no- like a Stepford Housewife! Lord knows laundry could be chic. Truth be told I take far more pride in fulfilling domestic duties these days it’s the only thing that comes even close to giving me an emotional ROI…

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Eczema guide book: “How to Heal Eczema Naturally: a Quick Self-Help Guide to Learn the Secrets of Healthy Skin”


This quick guide reveals the effective and surprising secret foods, drinks and creams that can rapidly improve your skin. For instance did you know that grapefruit juice can alleviate eczema? Read this book to find out the best creams and ointments you can buy at the supermarket to reduce skin inflammation. Learn the Miracle Juice Recipe to make at home to clear your skin. This book is the ultimate lifestyle guide to help you understand the unsuspecting factors that aggravate your eczematous skin and help you find the best products to use in your home to keep eczema at bay. This is a truly holistic and quick-read health guide to help you heal your skin from the inside out. Plenty of simple and easy tips for you to get started with today on your journey to reclaiming healthy skin!

I’ve written this guide as a way to reach out to eczema sufferers because I had it chronically for 20 years! I am now clear of it and it is extremely mild if it does arise during our British winter months. I would also urge loved ones and friends of people struggling with this skin disorder to get a copy for them. No harm in reading new tried and tested methods. Good Luck!

Product details

  • Paperback: 86 pages
  • Publisher: Nova Writ Press; 1 edition (3 Sept. 2015)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0993408915
  • ISBN-13: 978-0993408915

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Decluttering with Dimples! Check out Justin Klosky.

Mr Klosky has O.C.D. but he has embraced it and founded a company dedicated to providing solutions to clutter: Organise & Create Discipline.

His advice is invaluable and I am cramming up on his tips in time for New Years so I can enter 2016 in a calmer and more organised state of mind.

I’ve also been creating my own solutions and lifehacks to organise my paperwork ( I have a penchant for post-it notes that is getting out of hand!) Stay tuned for upcoming posts on how I’m transforming my work space.

♡ Love your Bed ♡ Treat yourself to Fresh, New, Pretty bedding.

JpegSince the start of this year I have been carefully and patient purchasing new bedding for myself. And this weekend I finally has all the necessary parts to give my bed a fresh start to Spring! First off was an intense steam-cleaning of every side of the mattress, the headboard and the rest of the bed using my H20x5- 5 in 1 Steam Cleaner. It was a laborious task!
JpegAnyhooo, in Debenhams this Duvet by Fogarty was on sale. 70% off it’s £80 RRP. It is the 12 tog Soft & Warm duvet with “supremely soft hollowfibre filling encased in a luxury microfibre cover.” It is non-allergenic, polyester lining and filling alongside being machine washable. At £24 I was very pleased with this selection.

JpegThe only slight drawback was that is was not as thick and plush as I had imagined. There’s definitely a big difference between a 12 tog and a heavenly plush 13.5 tog duvet that we have elsewhere in the house. Oh well!

JpegAs I have sensitive skin this M & S Home anti-allergy mattress protector (£25) is vital. The cover is 100% cotton with a 100% polyester dacron® allerban® filling. Although it states filling it is not noticeable-very thin. JpegThen we have the bedsheets. This perfect pastel pink shade was from Dunelm and a delightful combed cotton. It was £24.99 and surprising it acme with of course the fitted bed sheet, a flat sheet and pillowcase! I had simply done a click and collect on it because I loved the colour and the fact that it was combed cotton the extras were a nice surprise. The downside to the fitted sheet is that the seams at the corner do not run vertically down they are bizarrely diagonal. JpegOn too more prettier items! The Laura Ashley matching ” Couture Rose” printed  duvet cover and pillowcase (sold separately) are 100% cotton, 200 thread count. The cover retailed at £60, the case £22. But of course I bought these pretties in the January sale at 40% off: £36 and £13.20. 🙂
JpegThis is the opposite side of the floral duvet, both sides have a slight sheen.JpegAll together! It is very girly-like me! 🙂Jpeg

☮ ✿ ☼ ✈ Beautiful Batik from Indonesia ✈ ☼ ✿ ☮

JpegThis Beauty was from the island of Java a gift for me from my Mum who went there in January. For those of you new to batik it is a special process of applying wax in a stylistic manner onto cloth or paper as you would when drawing with a pencil. Then apply a coat of fabric dye or paint. Once that coat has dried apply more wax in a ‘drawing’ motion atop the painted surface. The wax quickly dries, then more dye/colour is added on top. This results in a layered, colourful and vibrant design as you can see. When you have added all the colours and swirly designs you want heat is applied to the fabric. First a blank sheet of fabric is placed on top then a heating device like an iron is pressed on top. The wax melts onto the scrap fabric on top of the final piece and then the colours really come to life. With my scarf you can see that originally the scarf is painted hot pink all over then a floral design is ‘drawn’ via wax. Once that has dried contrasting green paint is applied. So when you iron off the wax the hot pink vibrantly shows off against the green. The wax serves to protect the colour it covers until it is melted off.

The special drawing tool Tjanting is composed of a small metal bowl and spout where wax is stored and slowly flows out of; attached to a wooden stick to hold onto. The nib of the spout comes in all sizes.  Wider nibs allow bolder, thicker lines and small nibs for thin, dainty lines. Once you get the hang of it it is a lot of fun! My first experience of experimenting with this was in high school. 😀


A Cadbury’s Top Decker alternative?

JpegQueuing in WhSmith I spotted this on their over-stuffed, bombarding queue barriers. Cadbury’s milk chocolate with white chocolate. Could this be it? Could taste just like that heavenly Top Decker bar that was so hard to get?

The Top Decker review found here.

When I got home I eagerly opened it. It was a thin 100g bar. I bit into it. Sweet. Tasty. Where was it? Where was that white chocolately goodness mixing with Cadbury’s original choc?

Nothing. Just more sweetness.Tthere was no distinct white chocolate flavour and none of the indescribable Top Decker chocolate mix taste. It was just a much sweeter Cadbury’s milk chocolate bar with thinner pieces. 😦

I was gutted. Not worth £1.