Poem: Everything I never told you

girl mouth

Everything I never told you

I love you.
You’re The One.
If I had my way I would be with
You right now.
We were meant to be together.
I think about you everyday.
I dream about you then
I wake up and cry
Wandering why you left me…
I will remember you because
I love you.


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Poem: By and Bye

girl bed flowers

By and Bye

I dream about you
but I wake up without you

I’m in love with you
but I can’t be with you.

You’re always on my mind
but you never have time for me.

I see you
but you don’t see me.

I’ll always remember what we had
You forget so easily.

All I have is a fleeting moment of you
that’ll weigh heavy on my heart
for a lifetime.