Poem: Frames

French flea market

He had shipped the art he picked up in
Parisian antique markets
and sent them to my home.
He wanted to know if I liked them.
He liked me to pick frames for the


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Rose Gold #NOFILTER necklace by Dorothy Wang.



This is a cute and quirky necklace by Reality Star and fun-employed Real estate heiress Dorothy Wang. I purchased this for myself to mark my 25th Birthday this past March.

There are a selection of hashtag quotes to choose from: #fabuluxe #wcw (womancrushwednesday) and many more like #RICH in gold, silver and rose gold. An additional extension chain link 3.25″ was bought as original necklace chain is rather short.

All in all an undeniably cute item designed by the self-proclaimed Asian Sensation.

Visit Dorothy’s official website if you want one too!!! 😀 x http://www.dorothywang.com/

Redefining Luxury…

According to the Oxford Dictionary “luxury” means:

“A state of great comfort or elegance, especially when involving great expense.”

You do not need a million dollar car. You do not need to travel far. You just need to make the most of what you have and appreciate everyday life and honour your workspace, bedroom etc. Material things come and go but it is qulity relationships, a comfy home and good sleep that does wonders for us and can truly make us feel amazing-and it costs very little!

The use of the word comfort to describe luxury is an intriguing one. It is usually a word that we may forget in regards to luxurious items. On the one hand we associate luxury with feeling good whether that be through the delicate feel of a luxury cashmere sweater or feeling like a million dollars when we wear designer sunglasses. But the comfort levels with luxury items denote an occasional feel and something hard to get. “Affordable luxury” is a sought after selection but again it is applied to things in our life that have singular purposes like a handbag or make-up; it does not necessarily improve the quality of  our lives.

But what is luxury really? Is it useful? Is it necessary. I would argue it is absolutely necessary. Having given up my superficial consumer-driven ways I now channel my desire for material things specifically on luxurious items. Paradoxical? Not at all.

Let me explain. I no longer waste money on yet another luxurious handbag or piece of clothing. Instead I shop for everyday luxury. Look out for luxurious commodities that affect your daily life and well-being, things that help with sleep, cooking, relaxing.

It is so precious to have quality sleep and eat good food. Nowadays I ensure to purchase high quality everyday items like bedding, kitchen appliances and the like. It is a really wonderful luxury to slip into clean, comfy pyjamas and beautiful, soft bed covers. Give yourself the gift of luxury everyday. Better to spend on comfy slippers for the home than a rarely worn, hard to maintain embellished cashmere sweater that is trendy right now.

Luxury is not necessarily bound by wealth and a high-status neighbourhood. It can be so much more accessible. Luxury can make you a more grateful person. Now I define luxury as having a beautiful, clean, organized bedroom; stylish, reliable everyday shoes to wear; and most importantly all the necessary tools and gadgets like a good smart phone and laptop to work on and capture memories for life. Luxury-buying should be a means to upgrade the necessities of life like friendship, cleanliness and beauty sleep so that you can experience these rejuvenating aspects of life to the fullest to be the best version of yourself.

You do not need a million dollar car. You do not need to travel far. You just need to make the most of what you have and appreciate everyday life and honour your workspace, bedroom etc. Material things come and go but it is quality relationships, a comfy home and good sleep that does wonders for us and can truly make us feel amazing-and it costs very little!

How do you guys feel about it?


♡ Love your Bed ♡ Treat yourself to Fresh, New, Pretty bedding.

JpegSince the start of this year I have been carefully and patient purchasing new bedding for myself. And this weekend I finally has all the necessary parts to give my bed a fresh start to Spring! First off was an intense steam-cleaning of every side of the mattress, the headboard and the rest of the bed using my H20x5- 5 in 1 Steam Cleaner. It was a laborious task!
JpegAnyhooo, in Debenhams this Duvet by Fogarty was on sale. 70% off it’s £80 RRP. It is the 12 tog Soft & Warm duvet with “supremely soft hollowfibre filling encased in a luxury microfibre cover.” It is non-allergenic, polyester lining and filling alongside being machine washable. At £24 I was very pleased with this selection.

JpegThe only slight drawback was that is was not as thick and plush as I had imagined. There’s definitely a big difference between a 12 tog and a heavenly plush 13.5 tog duvet that we have elsewhere in the house. Oh well!

JpegAs I have sensitive skin this M & S Home anti-allergy mattress protector (£25) is vital. The cover is 100% cotton with a 100% polyester dacron® allerban® filling. Although it states filling it is not noticeable-very thin. JpegThen we have the bedsheets. This perfect pastel pink shade was from Dunelm and a delightful combed cotton. It was £24.99 and surprising it acme with of course the fitted bed sheet, a flat sheet and pillowcase! I had simply done a click and collect on it because I loved the colour and the fact that it was combed cotton the extras were a nice surprise. The downside to the fitted sheet is that the seams at the corner do not run vertically down they are bizarrely diagonal. JpegOn too more prettier items! The Laura Ashley matching ” Couture Rose” printed  duvet cover and pillowcase (sold separately) are 100% cotton, 200 thread count. The cover retailed at £60, the case £22. But of course I bought these pretties in the January sale at 40% off: £36 and £13.20. 🙂
JpegThis is the opposite side of the floral duvet, both sides have a slight sheen.JpegAll together! It is very girly-like me! 🙂Jpeg

Food Review: Waitrose Cooks’ Recipe Kit: Udon Noodles.

JpegJpegThe ‘Kit’ was £4.49 and required an extra purchase of 300g of prawns. (Prawns were purchased per 150g pack at £3.32 each!) Below is what the contents of the recipe kit includes. JpegJpegA simple enough cooking method essentially adding at various intervals the sachet ingredients and separate prawns into a wok. So far so good. Please note upon adding the Dashi it is a very fishy smell.JpegA squid-like presentation in the little dish. The whole soya sauce sachet serving was too much as I poured the whole lot in. A very over-powering salty taste on the whole and fishy. It took 10 minutes cooking in all as per the  instructions and udon, mushrooms etc were cooked to perfection.

JpegAll in all worth a try but I would not be buying again as the taste was more salty than fragrantly asian as I had wished having tried this dish in a Japanese restaurant before. This gets a 1/10.

© 2015 Catherine Vaughan