Poem: The Lake District

girl lake district

We sat on the grass field.
Picnic. Plaid rug.
You eating fast
looking at me.
I take one small bite.
Because I feel sad, I’m lonely.
You lean in and kiss me.
Impatient, fast.

You unravel my dress
the straps fall…
Nothing guarding me from your selfish grasp…

You unzip and slip
We’re one

Tears fall down my face.
You place your hand behind my head
and whisper:
“My beauty, my love don’t cry”
You nuzzle your head into my neck
and lean deeper into me
following the scent of your desire.

You tell me you love me.
My heart is so broken

You love me back to life
but it is not enough.
You kiss my lips, my cheeks,
my forehead.
You look into my eyes
Hands tenderly slip down
affectionately, considerately…

Again you whisper:
“I love you.”
I don’t move.
Tears just fall down my face.

It’s too late,
I needed this in an earlier season.
You came back
for no reason.

You ease in and out of my life
as you do with
My Body.

But still I hold onto you and whisper for you to
hold me,
love me,
adore me….

Restore me.


23 thoughts on “Poem: The Lake District

  1. Wonderful poem, Catherine, catching the delicately balanced helter skelter of emotional affairs – the desire to be loved, the loathing for being so needy and then, unspoken but certainly underlying, the vast and eternally frustrating gap between Venus and Mars.

      1. Perhaps my age is showing but have we become so detached that physical affairs no longer engage our emotions? I can only speak for myself, a man, that I could never engage in physical relations without emotional attachment. Sure, I’ve had, like everyone zipless fuck encounters, one night stands, a quick leg over but they were inevitably accompanied by a hangover, physical, moral and spiritual. The female protagonist in your poem is torn between her physical and spiritual desire, her revulsion and attraction to her partner’s insistent desire and her own emotional neediness. On the other side of the coin and this encounter is her partner, horny as a rutting goat but in a state of performance anxiety, fed, effectively, by her mixed signals which he is at a total loss to understand or interpret for all the reasons cited above.
        I hope this is of some help to you, Catherine. It’s late on a Friday night and I’m sitting in a local pub surrounded by people who are, at least, half my age.

          1. you’re very welcome and you did ask. I’m always reluctant to comment too deeply on someone’s work because I understand the depths we must plumb to find the words that will reflect our feelings. Read this as an interpretation rather than a commentary. I love your poem: it has depth. I only hope I haven’t offended you in any way.

  2. So in line that I should read this now. I was just lost in thought – on the shore of Lake Michigan – about how I was so astray from my path in a lustful relationship. Who was I? What happened? It was a spell cast and I was powerless to break it. I know exactly what this feels like and how those tears are a constant, minute sign that the soul still loves and knows what true love is.

  3. betweenthelines2017blog

    I read this poem with tears in my eyes…there’s beauty in the pain, emotion in the darkest part of our hearts…and you express this beauty, this emotion in an amazing way…Thank you! And thank you for following my blog, I’m honored!
    Be blessed,

    1. Awww thank you Claudia. There’s been so much pain in my life and no happy ending in sight so I hope my Poetry and Loyal Readers will be my reward for all the emotional turmoil…. See you on WordPress…. 💕

  4. shivam

    Such reliable & heartfelt feelings of one’s heart Catherine has well restored in these situational words. Well structured, & nicely decorated! She has very well maintained the balance of love, & emotions with feelings & darkness of one’s life. It’s really very hard to overcome what we love, but what’s more harder in that is… someone we love the most, perhaps, can’t do anything to let him/her know & make him/her understand one’s caramelized heart so drained & wet in emotional sensuality. Very heartfelt & flawless poetry it is. Certainly, one of my many fav., of course.

    Looking forward to reading your work, Catherine.

    1. Hi Shivam, thank you soooo much! That’s a huge compliment for me and I shall give more poetry… In August I will be doing a Poem-a-Day so x31 new ones for you to read and share! 💖😊 *Hugs* Catherine

      1. shivam

        I’d definitely be looking forward to reading your poetry. Good luck, Catherine. Just hit me ye notifications’ whenever you’re up with ur latest work.

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